Link Management Tool To Share Multiple URLs

With the growing amount of social media accounts that many online marketers or businesses are starting to manage, a lot are now looking for a link management tool that also allows them to share multiple URLs in one URL. The main reason is purely for a more organised link management strategy and working with a platform that lets them take full control of their link management. Anyone who is deep into marketing with a lot of social profiles knows how time consuming it can be when it comes to updating a multitude of links when you take into consideration the amount of bio link sections that have to be updated.

Online link management tools are extremely useful and one that allows you to share multiple website URLs on one landing page is now wanted by many. When using link management tools, you can effectively take control in regards to your online link management and manage links effeciently. If you own a business, are an Internet marketer, an artist, musician, video creator and even if have a regular live stream on Twitch TV, you can make use of a free link management tool where you can also share multiple links on one landing page. A landing page to share multiple URLs in one custom link and the service is free.

Share Multiple URLs In One Custom URL

A free service that allows you to share multiple URLs in one custom URL and on one landing page. On a landing page where you or your business can share the links which are most valued and all in one custom link. In a custom link that can also be branded the same as the username you might be known to followers or customers on social networks and a custom link that they will remember. An online link management tool, where you can feature multiple links on one landing page and in a custom URL that can be added to bio link sections or shared in social media feeds.

The Free Link Management Tool With Features

A free online platform as mentioned above, which is perfect for your overall link management and offers members the landing page to share multiple website links in a custom link of their choice. Free members of this service are able to create a custom link that can be branded the same as your business, or the same as any other username your business or yourself may be known as on social media platforms. Free account members can add multiple links to be featured on their landing page. They can also make use of featured link scheduling, coloured buttons for added links, statistics or click through rates and can also integrate Google analytics for the page itself to track where visitors to the landing page are coming from.

Free Members Can Get The Verified Badge

A feature of this platform, that is available to free members who use the service for their online link management, can get the verified badge for their landing page. There are a few ways a member can have a verified badge, or tick as it is known by most. Free members can either make a one off payment within the pro store for a permanent verification badge, they could also wait for the chance of the verification by administrators within the platform, or can become a pro account member. Although, a pro account members verified badge is only active while subscribed to the pro account subscription.

Link Management For Pro Members

For members who may decide to go with a pro account for their online link management and landing page, will receive the verified badge on their page upon purchasing the pro subscription. Subscribers to a pro member account get some additional features that a free member will not receive, such as being able to upload a custom background to the landing page, making use of the Facebook Pixel integration, integrating the auto shortening service and they can also share an unlimited amount of URLs on the landing page. Also, advertisements will no longer be served within the member sections when choosing to go with a pro account and the branded footer from the service that appears on every free members landing page is removed as well.

Link Management For Multiple URLs With Landing Page

Overall, this link management tool is spot on for people or businesses who have a multiple URLs they want to share in one URL and to be able to share links on a free landing page does make it perfect for those who want to send customers or followers to one page. Visitors to the page then have options on where to go next, and knowing that they can find the links you value the most will be added to the landing page. Start with a free account for your online multiple link management.